Until recently, Trevor’s work was only available via individual private sessions, The wait list for private sessions exploded until people were waiting for 2-4 months for an appointment.

Beginning in spring 2017, just a few months from now, Trevor will begin offering a program for groups of clients so that his work can reach a wider audience.

The Organizing Intelligence clearly wants Light Body Engineering™ delivered in a group format because the group dynamic can be a very powerful catalyzing agent that can enhance everyone’s results.

Three groups are planned for this spring are:

Light Body Engineering™ Healing And Spiritual Mentoring Program

This group is appropriate for anyone who would like to work with Trevor on a health concern.

Some people respond quickly to the Light Body Engineering™ protocols and see significant improvements in their health immediately. But usually, the improvements happen slowly over time, until finally you look back astonished at the results that have happened from the work.

The spiritual mentoring aspect of this program provides uplifting spiritual guidance to empower you to live with your illness until the time when the protocols begin to relieve your physical distress.

The Fierce Grace Program: Life-Threatening Illness as a Spiritual Teacher

This group is for anyone facing an illness that could potentially end their life

This is a spiritual healing and spiritual mentoring group for people like you, who are longing for a way to turn around a potentially terminal illnesses. When facing a life threatening potentially Illness there is a balance that you can achieved that allows for hope and healing, on the one hand, and still leaves room to accept the possibility that life will end.

Fierce Grace is a program offering world-class spiritual healing that has allowed many people to reverse their terminal illness and live many years or even decades beyond predictions of an earlier demise. But Fierce Grace is also shows how your life threatening illness can be a potent catalyst for enormous leaps in spiritual growth even if the body doesn’t improve.

Life As A Spiritual Accelerator: A Mentoring Program

Has something happened in your life that creates a longing for spiritual wisdom? Would you like to work with Trevor as a spiritual teacher, even if you don’t have a health issue?

This is an ongoing Spiritual Mentoring group for Individuals whose lives have thrown them into a period of spiritual acceleration for whatever reason. The group is not limited to health issues, so you can feel free to discuss any topic that you want as long as your goal is spiritual awakening. This program is also appropriate for you if you're stuck in a spiritual abyss or a rut that makes you long for spiritual advancement.

How to Apply for a Group

The first group to begin will be Fierce Grace, which will open for registration in mid-February 2017. Other groups will open in spring and summer. Please sign up for our email list on this page and we will let you know when we will begin accepting applications.

Interested in Private Sessions?

If you are interested in working with Trevor one-on-one, please visit the Private Sessions page for more information.



Praise for Trevor's Work

Pierce D. Nunley, MD For those of us who find ourselves (either by choice or by circumstance) on a journey of exploration and self discovery towards multidimensional realms, Trevor Hart is a gifted guide, facilitator and mentor. I have worked with Trevor regularly for the past 4 years. Trevor's assistance and unique gifted guidance has accelerated my exploration in ways that cannot be put into words. He has an amazing ability to 'meet you where you are' in this exploration of either a novice or seasoned traveler. I remain grateful to have Trevor walking by my side on this journey.