Private Sessions with Trevor

What Happens in a Private Session?

In one-on-one sessions, you begin by telling Trevor why you sought him out. You can work with him on either physical health concerns, and/or spiritual issues. Then you share whatever you would like to tell him about what is happening in your life or how your body is functioning. Then Trevor goes into a deep state of awareness where he uses micro- clairvoyance and his ability to interface with the Organizing Intelligence to get a clearer picture of what is happening in your light body. After he tells you what he discovered, he explains that the only value in what he has sees about your health or spiritual condition is in what resonates with your ‘Heart Intelligence” (rather than with your mind). In this way you, Trevor and the Organizing Intelligence work together to uncover answer to questions that very often have eluded all other attempts.

But that is just the starting point.

During your individual session, Trevor brings spiritual intuition, insight, wisdom, cutting edge research into the human biology and quantum physics and combines it with an extensive knowledge of the subtle energy fields, (including Chi system, chakras, and other energy systems) that surround and penetrate your body. When your Light Body comes into balance and there is harmony in the mental, psychological and spiritual realms of being, then it creates optimal conditions for your body to heal itself and for the soul to soar. Time and time again, Trevor’s work has brought about a spontaneous increase in health that can happens over time and can only be explained as miraculous.

There is no minimum number of sessions but most clients work with Trevor in 6-30 sessions. It all depends on your situation.

Request Private Sessions

Currently, Trevor is totally booked through January 1, 2018, However, the best way to get on the 2018 schedule for a private session is to be enrolled in one of his programs (See Reorienting Your Inner Compass or Groups). Once you are enrolled, we will do our best to  offer you at least one session during the next four month booking cycle- the next cycle is January 2018- May 1, 2018.

If you are interested in working with Trevor one-on-one you can request to be added to his waiting list by clicking the button below. Please note that the list is quite long so we cannot promise that appointments will open up any time soon, but they do occur. We are slowly offering people on the wait list appointments but it can be a lengthy process of months or even over a year. Getting into a group or course Trevor offers greatly  speeds the process along.


Request to Be Added to Trevor’s Waiting List for Private Sessions

Group Work with Trevor

Given the small number of individual sessions that Trevor is able to accommodate, we recommend that you consider working with Trevor in the groups that he will be offering in 2017-2018. Trevor uses the same methods in group work as he does in private sessions, and the collective field of group work can be very powerful for many people. Please visit the Groups page for more information. Applications for the groups opens on October 28, 2017. In the meantime please sign up for our email list at the top right column of this page to be informed when groups become available.



Praise for Trevor's Work

Pierce D. Nunley, MD For those of us who find ourselves (either by choice or by circumstance) on a journey of exploration and self discovery towards multidimensional realms, Trevor Hart is a gifted guide, facilitator and mentor. I have worked with Trevor regularly for the past 4 years. Trevor's assistance and unique gifted guidance has accelerated my exploration in ways that cannot be put into words. He has an amazing ability to 'meet you where you are' in this exploration of either a novice or seasoned traveler. I remain grateful to have Trevor walking by my side on this journey.

Katie Teague, Independent Filmmaker Cosmic shaman meets the practical mystic. This is Trevor Hart. His knowledge and access to the unseen realms and dimensions is breathtaking. His intimate understanding of the light body and our collective emergent edge is rare and awesome. And better yet, the protocols and methodologies he has developed to work multidimensionally with others in service of the healing and awakening of humanity is a profound gift to us all.

Barrett C. Brown, PhD, Organizational Consultant and Author of "The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism" My work with Trevor has been phenomenal in terms of how much I've changed. I am in deep gratitude to spaces he has opened up. From a practical standpoint, I have much more personal power, a stronger relationship to money (resulting in a huge income jump) and a much deeper ability to leverage high impact with a mainstream audience. I feel that he is a savant with a real gifted genius in combination with a lifetime of very intensive personal work combined with genuine lineage transmissions from the past as well as from what I can only describe as the future as well.

Sarah Levine The work I have done and am doing with Trevor has been so very significant and positive to my life. It feels very special to be a part of this group work. My overall being feels elevated. Anecdotally, after the first group session alone, my acupuncturist felt my "pulses" at the start of our weekly session and kicked me off the table. That had never happened before. Being a part of the group session has been a real blessing in my life.

Edward West, MBA, Entrepreneur & Educator Trevor is a profoundly gifted healer, guide, ally and spiritual teacher. There's no one quite like Trevor. I've worked with him for the past two and a half years, and the amount of positive change I've experienced throughout that journey is profound. In our first few sessions, he helped me through a healing process that involved work on the physical, psychological, subtle and causal bodies. He's helped shine a light through past conditioning, and helped me meet challenges as they arise. The work has facilitated a deeper opening to my own soul and soul's calling, and has empowered me with clarity and strength for the journey ahead.