The Reorienting Your Inner Compass Program

A Transformational Experiential Small Group Mentoring Program
with Trevor Hart

Finding Spiritual Direction for Your Life and
Relieving Human Suffering In a Changing World

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Our planet is in chaos and every time you hear another story about human suffering, whether it takes place across the seas or in your own neighborhood, you want to help.

Deep in your soul you hear a spiritual plea going forth from the Heart of Humanity, and from the Soul of the Earth, for you to step forward and do what you came to Earth to do.

You want to discover your life purpose, envision a clear direction for your life, and find a way to make a contribution to relieving human suffering. You feel the call—the yearning in your Soul to spiritualize your life’s work—but you're not sure how to proceed. You may be having trouble trusting your intuition about how to proceed, or you may feel like you're spinning in confusion.

But what if...

● you could stay passionate and persevere in manifesting your life’s work no matter what challenges come your way?
● you could heal your own life so you can be free to help heal the suffering of others?
● you could access an inner spiritual guidance system that can show you how to bring forth your talents, your purpose, your gifts and your life’s work?
● your Soul already has a unique blueprint containing spiritual wisdom about what you’re really here to do?

Welcome to The Reorienting Your Inner Compass Spiritual Mentoring Program—Your Soul’s Purpose is Beckoning You!

Why Is It So Challenging to Spiritualize Your Life’s Work?

The profound yearning to uncover what we came here to do has been beckoning us all our lives, but now given the degree of urgency in the world, the call to serve has magnified in intensity. It says, “You’re here for a reason. There is something important that only you can do.”

But often, we take a few steps in this direction and then self-doubt begins to arise. A voice inside says, “I’m fooling myself, there is nothing I can do that will make a difference, there is nothing I can do to help.” We feel overwhelmed, and we stop trying because the task seems impossible. We search our hearts and minds for the answer of how to serve, but we can’t seem to find the way forward.

Part of the reason this process is challenging is that we live in a world that doesn’t know how to nurture our deepest gifts. The world seems to wants our labor but not our higher purpose.

Many of us have come to believe—to paraphrase Einstein’s famous saying—that the problems of this world cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that created them. The conventional structures of the world, many of them well-intentioned, have shown themselves to be inadequate in the face of constantly escalating challenges across the globe.

Many of us now believe that we are in an era when nothing less than a global shift in consciousness can lead to the increased levels of compassion and wisdom that are needed in order for us to work cooperatively and implement innovative solutions to both local and global problems.

Imagine a world where everyone from birth is encouraged to find their gift and their genius. Everyone is allowed to dream about what they can do that could make a difference for humanity, instead of growing up having to force themselves to fit themselves into the deeply unhealthy socio-economic systems that are the actual source of the world’s problems. Everyone is allowed to devote their lives to listening to the wisdom within one’s heart for how they can make a difference. What a different world that would be!—a world where the most valuable resource is not gold or diamonds, but the love each of us has for each other and the gifts we share.

We invite you to take a few minutes to watch this beautiful and inspiring video and feel into the questions it asks: What world do you want to see for the children of your children’s children? What world will you help create?

This world of greater compassion and wisdom is being birthed right now through you, and through everyone who feels the urge to evolve in service of a better world. It is the voice of the future calling us to enact our highest purpose now.

This is why your Soul’s purpose keeps calling you and doesn’t give up on you! It beckons again and again, like the Divine Beloved gently murmuring your name and encouraging you to reach once more into the deep recesses of your Soul. It tells you that the world needs your heart song, your courage, and your creativity. It needs you to reach for Divine inspiration and begin to offer the guidance and wisdom that is within your grasp to those around you who need the outstretched hand. It needs you, both in terms of your own awakening, and whatever you can do to inspire the awakening of others. It needs you to step fully into your power to make a difference.

But if you don’t have the support and tools to accelerate the journey, the process of bringing the sacred into your work can be a slow and frustrating process.

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What Does It Mean To “Reorient Your Inner Compass?”

It’s both terrifying and exhilarating to think that in the midst of planetary chaos, a phoenix of global compassion and mutual cooperation could rise up to save humanity and create the world our hearts long for. By following your heart wisdom, you can become part of the bridge between the desperation of the world we live in and a new beginning for humanity—a world with less suffering, more abundance for everyone, more creativity, more peace and more joy. But without YOU, it won’t happen.

For the first time in human history, it seems that the only way that we can heal humanity’s dark shadow of selfishness, greed, corruption and oppression is by making a global shift in consciousness.

Fixing the problems of this world is no longer a technological, political or economic dilemma. Now, what is required to overcome this period of global chaos is a spiritual leap for humanity.

The first step in making this shift is experiencing a transformational process that will show you how to reorient your inner spiritual guidance system - what Trevor calls your “Inner Compass” - so it points to that place in you where you realize the Divine Magnificence that is at the core of your being. By Reorienting Your Inner Compass and bringing it into alignment with the wisdom of your Soul, you will discover your clear messages from Source about what is your next step in spiritualizing your life and discovering what you’re here to do.

What if my life’s purpose is ordinary?

There are so many ways your work can make a difference, but there is a unique gift that your soul is calling for you to make at this time; a gift that is unique to your life stream, that only you can do.

The world needs this new consciousness to create contributions at all levels. It doesn’t matter if you do this on a global scale, or just in your community, or even just in your family. When you learn to Reorient Your Inner Compass and live your purpose with passion, you will become a walking catalyst for change in everything you engage in. Whatever your heart longs to do can make a big difference.

How can I serve if I am struggling with my own life challenges?

We all have difficulties and challenges in our lives, but our soul’s purpose doesn’t stop beckoning to us because we are struggling in our own lives. It wants us to find our highest path of service and discover how to shine brilliantly no matter what we are facing in our lives.

We have seen time and time again how extraordinary humanity’s response can be to a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane. The people in the disaster area who are helping other people are not out of danger themselves; they are caught in the storms as well. But still they serve. This is a beautiful and inspiring reminder that our innate capacity to be of service is always available to us and it does not require us to first overcome what we are struggling with in life.

Sometimes our greatest service happens when we face the obstacles in our lives with courage and grace. How do you let the challenges you're facing bring out the best in you? How do you become an inspiration to others?

Reorienting Your Inner Compass will help you see clearly the relationship between personal difficulties and your calling to be of service in the world. It’s a balance between diligently working to solve the underlying psycho-spiritual issues in your life and simultaneously serving others to the best of your ability. It may seem a paradox, but manifesting your life purpose and resolving your personal challenges can be one and the same process.

The good news is you don’t have to do this by yourself. Reorienting Your Inner Compass is a mentoring program, which means you will have Trevor’s spiritual wisdom and support, as well as valuable contributions from his team, including his wife, Sharon, plus a community of likeminded individuals to encourage you on your path.

Are You Ready for a Journey of Deep Discovery?

What Is Light Body Engineering and How Can It Support Me Discovering My Life’s Purpose?

The intention of the Reorienting Your Inner Compass Spiritual Mentoring Program is to immerse you in a simple but profound process of “deep soul embodiment." When you are living from the depths of your soul, and when your ego is in service of your soul, and not in the driver’s seat, then your soul becomes your inner guidance system—your inner compass. Your relationship to life is filled with love, you have seemingly boundless energy, and you are able to be and act in the world in ways you may not have imagined before.

In this program, you will learn about and be working with a process that Trevor Hart calls “Light Body Engineering.” Over the past decade in his work with hundreds of clients, Trevor has been breaking new ground in understanding the subtle energetic matrix field of human beings. As his knowledge of the Light Body grew, he also saw the extent to which one’s energy matrix can be damaged. This damage can be compared to the kind of replication errors and mutations that we see in a person’s DNA genetic code. Trevor found that by clearing energetic matrix field damage, he could foster significant psycho-spiritual changes that improve human functioning and promote human evolution.

Through Light Body Engineering, Trevor has guided many individuals to greater wisdom and clarity to discover their life purpose, their Source Blueprint. During the program, Trevor will offer sacred geometry-based protocols intended to build “light body bridges” between your soul and various parts of your body which may have become disconnected from your soul as the normal result of incarnating in a human body in the midst of a traumatizing culture.

Subtle energy work may seem hard for the mind to grasp, but Trevor has spent decades practicing his art and service as a world-class healer, using these protocols to treat life-threatening illnesses, dark nights of the soul, and those who feel out of touch with their callings.

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About the Reorienting Your Inner Compass Mentoring Program

The program is intended as a series of three courses designed to deepen your spiritual growth, support you in clarifying your life’s work and show you how you can make a difference in terms of relieving human suffering. The complete series covers these topics:

Course 1: Finding Your Source Blueprint: Clearing Blocks to Spiritualizing Your Work Life
Starts November 2017

● Soulful Celebrations: Passionately Embracing Life
● Acceptance: The Unexpected Power of Vulnerability
● Source Blueprint: The Great Work Growing within You
● Honoring Divine Control
● Alignment with Purpose: Clearing Psycho-Spiritual Blocks
● Shifting Sands: The Value of Salt Water
● Divine Creativity: Ego in Service

Courses 2 and 3 will be offered in 2018. Please sign up for our email list if you would like to be notified when they are open for registration.

Course 2: Accessing the Global Web of Synchronicity: Connecting to the Global Source Blueprint

● Envisioning the World Your Soul Wants to Live In
● Connecting to the Global Source Blueprint
● The Eye of the Hurricane
● Human Diamonds: Divine Grace in Everyday Life
● Honoring Our Humanity While Reaching for Spiritual Wisdom
● Sacred Geometry: Growth Is a Dynamic Spiral
● The Unified Spiritual Task Force: Birthing the World Our Hearts Yearn For

Course 3: Healing the Multigenerational Wound: A Key to Accessing Clear Inner Guidance

● Envisioning the World Your Soul Wants to Live In
● Global Peace Begins with Inner Peace and Peace with Others
● Unwinding the Multigenerational, Multicultural, and Interracial Wounds
● Being an Acupuncture Point for Global Healing
● Jaison’s Story as an Acupuncture Point for Global Healing
● Stabilizing Awakening
● Double Channel Vision
● Daring to Fly: The Value of Uncertainty

Course 1: Finding Your Source Blueprint: Clearing Blocks to Spiritualizing Your Work Life

A Small Group Mentoring Course with Trevor Hart

Including Light Body Engineering Sacred Geometric Protocols for Clarifying Your Life's Direction, Clearing Psycho-spiritual Blocks, Manifesting Your Vision and Stabilizing Awakening

Trevor designed the Reorienting Your Inner Compass Program to be a transformational experiential process rather than merely an informational course. Instead of being on calls with hundreds of people and just listening to a few other people asking questions, Trevor wants you to have a dynamic interactive experience. So the program will be offered in an intimate small group setting with only 25 people per group. Trevor chose this small group format because he wants you to have an ongoing opportunity throughout the course to ask multiple questions to him directly. In addition, this small group format will allow many people in the course to work with Trevor during the calls in a sort of mini-session which might include an individualized protocol.

Two Components of the Mentoring Program: Wisdom from a Divine Partnership

There are two components to this course, which Trevor will be facilitating with his wife and teaching partner, Sharon Hart. Trevor and Sharon worked cooperatively in a joyful co-creative process designing the concepts and curriculum of Reorienting Your Inner Compass Spiritual Mentoring Program. Their marriage of over 30 years is a Divine partnership based on a deep commitment to awakening as well as their individual and mutual commitment to be of service in the world. Over the years they have each been a gift of spiritual realization to the other one, especially through life’s difficult challenges. In speaking about his wife Trevor says, “Sharon is a spiritual transmission lineage teacher of Advaita Vedanta in her own right. I am certain that the wisdom you will receive when you work with her will be an extremely valuable part of this spiritual mentoring program for you."

In this course they will focus respectively on:

Light Body Engineering Protocol Work: This work attunes you to your Soul’s Purpose, and Your Source Blueprint. This deep soul embodiment allows you to hear more clearly what your soul is saying to you about your life’s purpose, and the next steps in your journey to spiritualize your work. The Lightbody Engineering work also ignites a process within your body and your energy system that allows you to more effectively clear blocks to spiritualizing your life’s work. This is a unique component of the work that only Trevor can provide, and which you will receive as a participant in all of Trevor’s courses and programs.

Quantum Dialogue Inner Psycho-Spiritual Process Work: Trevor discovered that the Light Body Engineering Protocols are much more effective and long lasting when clients actively participate in clearing psycho-spiritual blocks that the process uncovers. Sharon Hart, a spiritual mentor, coach and former psychotherapist, is uniquely qualified and has a deep knowledge of how to do this work in synchronicity with Trevor’s Light Body work. For over 25 years, Sharon has worked with hundreds of people using her own approach to healing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds which she calls “Quantum Dialogue.” Quantum Dialogue™ is a process that directly accesses the layer of the holographic mind that can literally and instantaneously liberate one from the knots of psychological suffering by switching identification from “personhood” to the holographic wholeness that we all are. At the most advanced level Quantum Dialogue guides the individual to penetrate into the core of an emotion until what is revealed at the center of the emotion is profound silence and peace.

How the Course Will Work

Course 1 consists of eight live video mentoring sessions, two per month. A few days before each session we will release a video teaching with Trevor, usually facilitated by Sharon. You’ll watch the video and do self-inquiry based questions provided on the video page. A few days later each group will have a 90 minute live video mentoring session focusing on the topic covered in the teaching video. The session will include meditations led by Trevor, small group exercises, and lots of open Q&A with Trevor, sometimes including Sharon. The sessions will be recorded and you will have access to video and audio recordings the next day, for both online playing and downloading.

In addition, each group will meet once a month during the course with one or two Trevor’s senior students. In these sessions you will be focusing on how to apply what you are experiencing in the course to your life and work. These sessions will consist of group and small group exercises, plus open Q&A. The schedule of these sessions will be arranged once the groups are formed. These sessions are specifically for live interaction so they will not be recorded.

In both the group sessions with Trevor and the sessions with senior students you will have many opportunities for interactions with other students so that you can learn from each other and support one another in the work you are doing. The “community of practice” that develops during the course is explicitly part of the course and one of its major benefits. So the course will give you a rich and supportive environment for the work of the course.

There will be two groups of 25 meeting at the following schedules. You will be able to state a preference for a group when you register. If there is enough interest, we will form additional groups of 25.

Group 1: 

● Session 1: Nov. 9
● Session 2: Nov. 30
● Session 3: Dec. 14
● Session 4: Dec. 28
● Session 5: Jan. 11
● Session 6: Jan. 25
● Session 7: Feb. 8
● Session 8: Feb. 22

Group 2:

● Session 1: Nov. 16
● Session 2: Dec. 7
● Session 3: Dec. 21
● Session 4: Jan. 4
● Session 5: Jan. 18
● Session 6: Feb.1
● Session 7: Feb. 15
● Session 8: March 1

All sessions are for 90 mins. beginning at 8:30pm Eastern / 5:30pm Pacific

Course Curriculum

These are the topics we'll cover in Course 1. The intention is to cover them dynamically in the context of what works best for participants, so they may not be covered in this exact order.

Soulful Celebrations: Passionately Embracing Life

Soulful Celebrations encourages you to celebrate everything in your life that has brought you to this moment where you are ready to discover and manifest your Source Blueprint. If you look carefully, you will find that there have been pivotal incidents, relationships, and decisions that have happened in your life that eventually lead you to be ready to take the Reorienting Your Inner Compass program. This topic will take you on a treasure hunt scattered throughout the various phases of your life, in search of the unique skills, talents, and perspectives that are components of your Source Blueprint.

Acceptance: The Unexpected Power of Vulnerability

As you uncovered pivotal moments to celebrate in Topic 1, you likely also brushed up against feelings of discomfort, and perhaps even regret. Maybe you feel grief about opportunities lost. Or perhaps you are afraid that you missed your chance. Since we are taught that to be vulnerable and to admit our feelings, even to ourselves is the mark of immaturity, we tend to push away these feelings and deny them, especially if they are related to our work lives. In this topic, we create a sacred space where we can come together and explore those hidden vulnerable places in ourselves and come to terms with what seems unacceptable in our work lives. When feelings are faced with spiritual awareness, and vulnerability is approached with compassion, then you develop an unexpected power to learn lessons about how to be more successful in your life.

Source Blueprint: The Great Work Growing within You

No one else has the same face, or fingerprint as you, and there is no one else that has your story or your perspective in combination with your skills and your talents. Your Source Blueprint is an outgrowth of your lifestream, and it's alive and evolving with each action and each decision of your life. In this topic, we will begin the process of envisioning how the various aspects of your Source Blueprint might fit together to reveal the direction of your life’s work.

Honoring Divine Control

In our existing business systems, an indispensable skill required at the upper levels of management is the ability for the ego to control outcomes. However, there are many times when the strategy of forcing outcomes simply doesn’t work. When this happens deadlines pass unmet, stress builds, and conflict escalates between co-workers. Despite how much we want to believe that our minds have the power to control every aspect of our lives, it's simply not true. There is another choice. You can move into a meditative state and quite the mind’s desire to over control. It’s freeing to realize that the Divine is in control, and you don’t have to control everything. When you accept that your ego is not always in charge, then you are free to put your heart ahead of your agenda. In this topic, we will work on releasing our tendency to over-control work situations. We will learn how to flow more with our intuition so our Source Blueprint can unfold in a more natural way.

Alignment with Purpose: Clearing Psycho-Spiritual Blocks

In this topic, we explore how you get pulled off track in your attempts to spiritualize your business. Maybe you have a tendency to get pulled off track because you put other people’s expectations ahead of your own dreams. Maybe you can’t quite see your Source Blueprint because self-esteem issues block you from seeing just how talented you really are. Maybe perfectionism keeps you judging your work as unworthy when it’s really good enough. Although boundary setting is an extremely important skill to develop in having the fortitude to stay on track, we have found that by itself boundaries aren’t enough. The two key components to staying on track are a strong connection to Source, and a willingness to explore the psycho-spiritual issues that get triggered in situations where you give up your focus. In this topic, you begin to forge an inner compass that keeps you aligned with your Source Blueprint, even when the winds of change blow strong.

Shifting Sands: The Value of Salt Water

When we make major changes in our lives, there are things we have to give up, in order to make room for the new things we want. The process of letting go brings up sadness and grief. In our culture, we are taught to put on a happy face and deny that we are sad. But denial doesn’t really work. When you bring spiritual awareness and compassion to the sensations that surround sadness, then you begin to cultivate an enormous emotional strength that you didn’t know was there. When grieving is completed with grace and dignity, then tension melts away, perspectives shift, and there is a new openness for possibilities to unfold. In this topic, we discuss those things you might have to let go of in order to make room to live your Source Blueprint.

Divine Creativity: Ego in Service

When artists, musicians, and writers are deep in the creative process, they often report that they feel like something greater than themselves is moving the creative process and that their egos are not the source of what is happening. Athletes talk about a similar phenomenon; they talk about being in the zone or the sweet spot, where it feels like their body is performing its sport almost by itself. When people have this kind of experience, where the ego refrains from controlling the activity and instead surrenders to something greater, we call it “ego in service.” This co-creative process leaves room for Divine inspiration, and a byproduct is often a sense of euphoria. Divine creativity of this type makes people love their work. Generally, in the business world, the ego is dominant, and we are told that there is no place for compassion or spiritual wisdom in business dealings. But if you are truly in alignment with your Source Blueprint, and when you are passionate and love what you're doing, then your ego naturally shifts into a position where it becomes an “ego in service.” When you surrender your ego in this way, then your business can operate from a position of more integrity, cooperation, and compassion.

This Course Is for You If...

● You feel called to be of greater service to a planet in need, but you’re not sure where to start
● Or perhaps you have a vision or a direction for your life’s work, but you're not sure how to manifest it
● You’ve had a spiritual awakening that is beautiful but you need support integrating its realizations more deeply with your life purpose
● You devote yourself to your work and your spiritual life, but they often feel in conflict with one another
● You too often feel like you are on an emotional coaster ride and yearn for more equanimity in relationship to life's ups and downs
● You crave community that will support your emergence, and nourish belonging
● You’ve experienced trauma that has cut you off from your inner guidance and resources, and you want help reconnecting

What’s Possible for You in This Course...

Every spiritual path is unique, but after decades of spiritual mentoring Trevor has learned to expect certain results from the kinds of teachings, transmissions, and practices that will be shared in this program. Some common results from Trevor’s spiritual mentoring, soul work and life purpose guidance include:

● A sense of deep fulfillment that comes from trusting your Inner Compass and living in alignment with your purpose
● A more easeful and joyful engagement in the world and the ability to be fully with even the most difficult situations
● Boundless love yet the ability to wield the sword of power with wisdom and compassion
● A deepening of intimacy and open-heartedness in your personal and professional relationships, and a clear awareness of the boundaries that are necessary to protect the wide open heart
● Healing of psychological wounds and traumas
● A greater ability to create structures that sustain you financially, and even create the possibility of abundance

Course Registration

The Course Includes:

● Seven pre-recorded videos of Trevor teaching one of the curriculum topics
● Light Body Engineering Protocols with Trevor specifically focused on helping you gain more direct access and empowerment from your Source Blueprint
● Participants organized into small groups of 25 max. Each group will have:
● Eight 90-minute live video Zoom mentoring sessions with Trevor
● Video and audio recordings of these sessions, for both playing and downloading
● Three monthly meetings with facilitators who have been been trained by Trevor to provide guidance in learning and applying his methods
● An elegant and professional private “online classroom” that holds everything you need in order to participate in the course, including all recordings
● Interactive group discussions about each topic

The price of the course if $697. You will make your payment by check after you have been notified that you have been accepted into the course. Refund policy: If you withdraw from the course before the date of the first session we will give you a full refund. No refunds can be made once the course has begun.

Registration Process
Registration for Reorienting Your Inner Compass is by a selective application process. If you would like to apply, please click the link below and fill out the application.

Applications will be considered in the order they are received, and acceptance into the course is only final when payment is received. If you are interested in the course, you should apply soon, and if you are accepted you should make your payment promptly.

Wisdom from the Harts: Questions and Answers about
the Reorienting Your Inner Compass Program

Inspired by the many questions they've received about the program, Trevor and Sharon recorded this video to answer those questions and provide a deeper look at how the course works and how it will benefit participants. We hope you find it inspiring and helpful!

Still Have Questions? Talk to Trevor or Sharon!

If you still have questions about the program you can talk directly to either Trevor or Sharon. Please contact us and provide your phone and some times you are available, and one of them will call you back.

Awesome Support

Have questions about the course? Need help registering? Please contact us at and one of our team will get back to you right away.

About Trevor

Trevor Hart is a wise sage, spiritual teacher and spiritual healer, who has a rare and extraordinary gift for listening to the heart of the people who come to him. His presence brings a profound sense of peace allowing people feel free to explore the deepest regions of their soul for insight and wisdom concerning how to improve the quality of their lives or improve their health.

When this all began, Trevor entered a state of deep meditation and prayer and received guidance from The Organizing Intelligence (or whatever name for God you want to use) that by working with Light Body Engineering™ on the subtle and causal body of individuals who are looking for spiritual healing, he could relieve much human suffering. Then, the people who came for physical healing continued to work with Trevor after their health improved because they highly valued the spiritual mentoring they were also receiving.

As a pre-med student at the University of Northern Colorado, he became quite familiar with human anatomy and physiology. The Organizing Intelligence told Trevor that his knowledge of human biology in combination with his scientific study of quantum physics and his devotion to spiritual awakening would come together into a new field of human endeavor called "Light Body Engineering™."

Trevor continues receiving guidance, almost daily, from The Organizing Intelligence concerning the implementation of new protocols for bringing harmony and balance to the subtle and causal bodies. He was also given the ability to see geometric patterns that can be “downloaded” into the subtle energetic matrix of human beings for the purpose of stimulating optimal functioning. As the work progressed, it became obvious that harmonizing and balancing the mental, psychological and spiritual levels allows these “downloads” to stabilize.

Time has revealed that Light Body Engineering™ has been and continues to be of great benefit to many people suffering, especially those who have nowhere else to turn. By working on their psycho-spiritual wounds, many people have reported that Light Body Engineering™ has made their lives ‘whole’ again, and in many cases brought about a spontaneous increase in health that can only be explained as miraculous.

What People Are Saying About Trevor

"For those of us who find ourselves (either by choice or by circumstance) on a journey of exploration and self-discovery towards multidimensional realms, Trevor Hart is a gifted guide, facilitator, and mentor. I have worked with Trevor regularly for the past four years. Trevor's assistance and unique gifted guidance has accelerated my exploration in ways that cannot be put into words. He has an amazing ability to 'meet you where you are' in this exploration of either a novice or seasoned traveler. I remain grateful to have Trevor walking by my side on this journey."
—Pierce D. Nunley, MD

"My work with Trevor has been phenomenal in terms of how much I've changed. I am in deep gratitude to spaces he has opened up. From a practical standpoint, I have much more personal power, a stronger relationship to money (resulting in a huge income jump) and a much deeper ability to leverage high impact with a mainstream audience. I feel that he is a savant with a real gifted genius in combination with a lifetime of very intensive personal work combined with genuine lineage transmissions from the past as well as from what I can only describe as the future as well."
—Barrett C. Brown, PhD, Organizational Consultant and Author of "The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism"

About Sharon Hart

Sharon Hart, M.A. is a spiritual mentor, author, former psychotherapist, and life coach. She has supported many people through the process of clearing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds. She worked directly with Trevor, co-creatively contributing to the concepts and curriculum for the Reorienting Your Inner Compass Spiritual Mentoring Program. As Trevor’s wife of over 30 years, she has lived these spiritual principles on a daily basis through many life challenges. Trevor says that “Sharon is a spiritual transmission teacher in her own right, and she has been a gift of awakening for me. I am certain that the wisdom you will receive when you work with her will be an extremely valuable part of this course for you.”

For over 25 years, Sharon has worked with hundreds of people using her own approach to healing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds, which she calls “Quantum Dialogue”. Quantum Dialogue™ is a process that directly accesses the layer of the holographic mind that can literally and instantaneously liberate one from the knots of psychological suffering by switching identification from “personhood” to the holographic wholeness that we all are. Quantum Dialogue takes people beyond mere glimpses of inner peace and joy; it can lead one to a permanent shift in identity that stabilizes that awareness throughout one’s daily life. It shows people how to live their lives from a place on inner peace, freedom and joy----no matter what is happening in the external events of their lives. At the most advanced level Quantum Dialogue guides the individual to penetrate into the core of an emotion until what is revealed at the center of the emotion is profound silence and peace.

Together, Trevor and Sharon are working on a book entitled The Next Wave of Human Evolution: Creating the Future Humanity Wants, which will include many of the concepts presented in this spiritual mentoring program. Sharon is also co-authoring with the Hart's oldest son, Jaison, a soon-to-be released book entitled More Than You Hoped For: The Unexpected Joy of Raising an Autistic Playwright.

What People Are Saying About Sharon

"That you hear so clearly and are willing to be taken by TRUTH entirely is evident in your words (the vibration of Them) as well as in your work with others….What grace for those who come to you."
—Gangaji, Marin County, California

"Sharon’s caring and interdisciplinary skills showed me how to face powerful emotions, dive straight into them and find the joy and connectedness hiding beneath them. Her honesty and integrity helps to create a safe environment in which to explore hidden avenues within the soul. If you have always sensed something deeper in life, dreamed of a life with more richness and love, please find the courage to seek Sharon’s wisdom."
—Paul Rubin, Gunbarrel, Co.

"Your work is beautiful."
—Marianne Williamson, author of "A Return to Love"

“Everyone knows how to be happy when the situation is favorable, but when the situation is challenging... most of us could use some support to live through the situation with grace, ease, and especially an inner sense of fulfillment and peace. You are awe-some, Sharon. Thanks you for doing the work for all of us. Thank you for being a role model."
—Christine Thomas,

"There's just this golden silence... Who I thought I was isn't here anymore."
—T.J.M., Therapist, Boulder Colorado