Spiritual Healing that Incorporates Cutting-Edge Scientific Research

Find Happiness, Peace, and Deep Inner Spiritual Connection

Are you seeking a way to grow and transform through the union of science and spirituality at its highest level?

LightBody Engineering™ is the result of years of meditation, deep research,
and practice that has transformed the lives of many worldwide.

Are you seeking an advanced transformational system that can take you to unexpected depths within yourself?
Do you want to find and restore balance that has the power to sustain higher consciousness?
Do you desire a path that has the capacity to take you to sustainable levels of higher wisdom and the spiritual power to impact this world in the way your heart longs for?
Are you a physician or alternative healer seeking new methods of working with your own clients?

Whatever the reason that you are here, welcome!

What is LightBody Engineering™?

LightBody Engineering™ combines spiritual intuition, insight, wisdom, and cutting-edge advances in human biology and quantum physics with an extensive knowledge of the subtle energy fields (including Chi system, chakras, and other energy systems) that surround and penetrate the body.

LightBody Engineering™ balances:

  • Mental, psychological, and spiritual aspects at the level of the subtle energy body
  • Optimizes well-being
  • Harmonizes the mental, psychological and spiritual realms of being
  • Creates optimal conditions for the body to heal itself

Who is LightBody Engineering™ for?

Spiritual healing:

  • If you have a “mysterious illness” that neither mainstream medicine nor alternative healing modalities have been able to accurately access
  • If you want to eliminate the struggles associated with the side effects of various medicines
  • If you understand that your emotional history can be carried in the physical body in ways that produce illness and you want spiritual healing to address these concerns

Spiritual mentoring:

  • If you are at a crossroads with your health or any other issue in your life and you want to talk with a wise sage who can mentor your spiritual growth
  • If your work on the psychological level has plateaued, and you would like a boost that would open you up to healing in the emotional realms
  • If you’re wanting to untangle an inter-generational wound that you inherited from your family of origin

A Deeper Look at LightBody Engineering


LightBody Engineering is of great benefit to many people, who are suffering, especially those who have nowhere else to turn.

LightBody Engineering combines spiritual intuition, insight, and wisdom, and advances in quantum physics and human biology with an extensive knowledge of the subtle energy fields – including Chi system, chakras, and other energy systems that surround and penetrate the body. LightBody Engineering balances the mental, psychological, and spiritual aspects at the level of the subtle energy body to bring about optimum well-being. When the LightBody comes into balance and there is harmony in the mental, psychological and spiritual realms of being, then it creates optimal conditions for the body to heal itself.

Trevor found that by adding spiritual mentoring to LightBody Engineering, and encouraging his clients to work on their psycho-spiritual wounds, many people have reported that LightBody Engineering has made their lives ‘whole’ again, and in many cases brought about a spontaneous increase in health that can only be explained as miraculous.

As human beings, we see our body as composed of organs, tissues, muscles and bones, including heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen and so forth. From the perspective of Western Medical Science, the organs function through a series of complex biochemical processes. This view of the human body is based on Newtonian physics, whereby the organ systems are akin to a series of intricate mechanism operating within a biological machine.

But is that all we are? Are our bodies merely highly structured and intrinsically designed machines? Or is there something more underlying – who and what we are?

If we allow ourselves to look deeper into the biochemical processes, through the lense of Einsteinian physics, we can see how the body, like everything else in the Universe, is composed of subatomic particles. Our organs are composed of cells, and our cells are composed of elements. The elements that make up the human body are composed of molecules, that are composed of atoms, that are composed of subatomic particles. Subatomic particles fluctuate back and forth between wave and particle, between energy and matter. From an Einsteinian viewpoint, the human body functions, not just at the level of matter, but also at the level of energy.

Science can explain the biochemical functions of different organ systems of the human body, but science is at a loss for explaining exactly how LIFE animates the body. Clearly, who and what we are can not be measured purely in biological terms. Without the life force that animates the body, the body is an empty unanimated shell. Until recently, the understanding of the life force energy that inhabits the body had been considered outside the domain of science, belonging to religion and spirituality.

In different cultures and at different periods in history, many spiritual traditions looked at this question of what animates the body and how the body heals itself. The subtle energy is described in doctrines from ancient schools of healing from around the world. The best known descriptions of the subtle energies come from the studies of acupuncture in China, and the chakras in India. But it is also valuable to know that the concept of subtle energy can also be found in the mystical Judeo-Christian teachings of the Kabbalah.

Although each culture describes how subtle energy moves through the body using different systems, they all agree that life force energy is the basis of all life. Furthermore, these different systems all claim amazing healing is possible through working with the subtle energy systems.

Now, the scientific principles of Einsteinian physics and other advances in scientific understanding give credence to the esoteric principles that have been part of spiritual wisdom teachings worldwide for eons of time. It is in this crucible, where science and spirituality come together in the 21st century, that we can begin to understand that it is actually the life force of a human being that is the most important aspect of the healing of the human body. The new field of energy medicine sees the human body not only as composed of organs, glands and biological processes, but also as a network of complex energies that interact with one another. Trevor’s work takes energy medicine to new heights.

The usual approach to energy healing that most holistic healing practitioners use today involves specific training in working with one of these ancient subtle energy systems. Trevor is a master of many of these different forms of energy healing and he combines and integrates these systems together, thus getting a more complete picture of the lightbody and its subtle energy systems. For you that means more effective results.

But that is just the beginning.

Trevor has incorporated cutting edge medical research in neuroscience, cellular biology, molecular biology, quantum biology, genetics, and cardiology with these ancient energy systems. Then he works with the Organizing Intelligence to create dynamic sacred geometry protocols to optimize health. Trevor Hart is the originator of this approach to healing. As far as we know there is no one else on the planet currently using this approach. He calls his work “LightBody Engineering.” Most of his clientele come to him when mainstream medicine has nothing left to offer, and when alternative healing modalities have proven unsuccessful. He has international reputation for getting outstanding results, when other approaches have failed.

From the perspective of LightBody Engineering, an understanding of the subtle energies of the lightbody is an essential part of understanding how healing works. Given the remarkable results that Trevor’s work has with many “incurable, untreatable” illnesses, it is logical to conclude that combining the esoteric understandings of subtle energy systems with cutting edge scientific medical research might be some of the most important work being done today in developing new methods of healing.

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