About Sharon

Sharon Hart, M.A. is a spiritual mentor, author, former psychotherapist, and life coach. She has supported many people through the process of clearing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds. She worked with Trevor Hart to co-create the concepts and curriculum for various courses including “Reorienting Your Inner Compass” and “Times of Uncertainty.”  As Trevor’s wife of over 30 years, she has lived these spiritual principles on a daily basis through many life challenges. Trevor says “Sharon is a spiritual transmission teacher in her own right, and she has been a gift of awakening for me. I am certain that the wisdom you will receive when you work with her will be an extremely valuable part of this course for you.”

For over 25 years, Sharon has worked with hundreds of people, both individual and couple, using her own approach to healing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds: Quantum Dialogue™ Works.

Quantum Dialogue™ Works is a process that directly accesses the layer of the holographic mind that can literally and instantaneously liberate one from the knots of psychological suffering by switching identification from “personhood” to the holographic wholeness that underlies who and what we all are.

Quantum Dialogue™ Works takes people beyond mere glimpses of inner peace and joy; it can lead one to a permanent shift in identity that stabilizes present awareness. The process shows people how to perceive the world from a place of inner peace, freedom, and joy – no matter what is happening in the external events of their lives. At the most advanced level, Quantum Dialogue™ Works guides the individual to penetrate into the core of an emotion until what is revealed at the center is profound silence and peace.

Quantum Dialogue™ also works brilliantly for couples.  Sharon has the ability to comprehend the inter-psychic workings of both individuals in a couple simultaneously so is really effective in helping couples with relationship issues to make rapid progress.

Sharon is the co-author of a soon-to-be-released book entitled More Than You Hoped For: The Unexpected Joy of Raising an Autistic Playwright that she is writing with her son Jaison. 

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