Spiritualizing Caregiving

With Trevor and Sharon Hart

When a Loved One Has A Health Issue

Are you the primary caregiver for a loved one who is coping with an illness, accident, disability or aging issues?

Do you sometimes find caregiving difficult, especially when you’re not sure what you can do to make your loved one more comfortable?

When you are caregiving, is it sometimes difficult to meet your own needs?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if you could use the caregiver experience to make a quantum leap in your spiritual growth?

“Our hearts and souls can experience enormous healing through the love we share with one another during the caregiving experience.”
– Sharon and Trevor Hart

Spiritualizing Caregiving: When A Loves One Has A Health Issue

Who This Group Is For

A family caregiver is someone who gives support and assistance to another family member who is ill. Family caregivers differ from professional caregivers in that they have had a long-term personal relationship with the individual, before his/her health declined.

This group is for anyone caring for a loved one — whether that person is your child, stepchild, adult child or grandchild. It doesn’t matter whether that person is your parent, sibling, aunt, uncle or grandparent. In some instances, you can be a family caregiver to a very close friend who is like a family member. It doesn’t matter if the person you are caring for has an acute illness, chronic illness, has had an accident, an aging challenge or is differently abled. It also doesn’t matter if you have been caring for your loved one for one day, or 20 years. It doesn’t matter if your loved one lives alone, lives with you, or has some other living situation. This group is for all kinds of caregiver relationships!

The Challenges Caregivers Face Every Day

When you’re a family caregiver, one of the first things you realize is how much you have taken your loved one’s health for granted. Unfortunately, health is something we all take for granted until we lose it. Understandably, one of your top priorities is to do everything you can to help your loved one regain their health. In this group, we will provide practical suggestions for how to improve your ability to care for your loved one.

What makes caregiving difficult is not the daily drudgery of caregiving. Most caregivers would agree that the most challenging moments happen when your loved one is suffering and you don’t know what to do to help them feel better. It’s this sense of helplessness that most caregivers see as the major stumbling block. And this is what the Spiritualizing Caregiving Group will address. One of the goals of this group is to provide spiritual mentoring that encourages you to move through difficult moments with grace and inner peace.

When you’re a family caregiver, the situation often means that to some degree, your life is restricted by the duties you perform for your loved one. Usually, there are important things you have had to give up in order to fill the role of caregiver. As a result, your world shrinks. This change can mean that it’s harder to have access to the kinds of activities that in the past used to enrich your life. At this point, it can be challenging to know how to care for yourself. Another goal of this group is to enrich your own life while caring for your loved one.

How Can Spiritual Growth Enrich Your Life As A Caregiver?

It is possible to use the challenges of caregiving as a jump off point for making a quantum leap in spiritual understanding. With spiritual mentoring, you realize, through your own direct experience, that at the core of life is a fountain of fulfillment that can enrich your life in potent ways you can’t even imagine. It’s possible to find this inner fulfillment even in the midst of being a caregiver.


Spiritualizing Caregiving is about taking a grand adventure inward to discover an uncommon path to fulfillment.

Spiritual Inspiration for the Caregiver

Although on the surface the work of the caregiver looks like drudgery, quality caregiving requires huge reservoirs of compassion, and inner strength that can only be accessed through connecting with Source. From this heightened awareness, the caregiver can perceive what is happening with the loved one’s health with more clarity. From this quiet inner stillness, even when the caregiver is not sure how to proceed, quite spontaneously answers concerning what the next step in healing can appear. 

While your loved one is bravely fighting to regain health, it’s likely that he/she will overlook the inner callings of the soul. And yet, it is when we attend to these inner callings for soul growth that miracles of physical healing actually occur. The spiritual work of the caregiver is to invite the loved one to attend to the inner callings of the soul that accompany health issues. Even without words, the quiet spiritual strength that emanates through the caregiver can provide the family member with the opportunity to touch Source, and know true healing. True healing is not just the healing of the body, it’s the liberation of the soul. 

Whatever the age or health condition of your loved one, sometimes it’s your loved one who inspires you and sometimes it’s you that will inspire your loved one. Then you can look into each other’s eyes with great joy.  

Surprisingly, spiritual life can deepen, even in the midst of illness and caregiving.

What if you could meet a spiritual mentor caregiver who has discovered how to have a fulfilling lifestyle even with all the limitations of caring for a loved one?

What if you could learn how to enjoy being a caregiver?

And what if you could ask your most pressing questions about how to succeed at spiritualizing caregiving?

“Caregiving can be a catalyst for incredible leaps in consciousness. It is possible to have a richly rewarding life in the midst of caring for a loved one”
– Sharon Hart

Meet Sharon Hart

Why is Sharon a fabulous spiritual mentoring guide?

Talk about experience… Sharon is a caregiver for her son Jaison for 30 years.

She has discovered how to have a fulfilling lifestyle even with all the limitations that caring for a loved one long term puts on one’s life.

She actually loves being a caregiver, although she knows first-hand what it feels like to want to walk away from caregiving and never look back.

Moreover, Sharon Hart, M.A. is a spiritual mentor, author, former psychotherapist, former special education teacher and life coach. She has supported many people through the process of clearing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds. 

For over 25 years, Sharon has worked with hundreds of people, both individual and couple, using her own approach to healing psycho-spiritual and multi-generational wounds: Quantum Dialogue Works. For more information about Sharon click here.


“Sharon is a spiritual transmission teacher in her own right, and she has been a gift of awakening for me. I am certain that the wisdom you will receive when you work with her will be extremely valuable for you.”
– Trevor Hart

Wouldn’t it be exquisite to have Sharon as your guide? 

In the Spiritualizing Caregiving group you can ask questions, such as these:

My 20-something son has just been given a serious diagnosis. He is living with me again after having been on his own for a while. It's quite an adjustment for him and for the rest of the family. He needs my help with his health on a daily basis, but he doesn’t really want it. I want to help him, but it's not easy. What can I do?

It’s hard to watch my child hurting. The doctors can only do so much to relieve her pain. I am very upset and I try not to let her know. What can I do to find a way to be there for her in a truly calm way?

My mother argues with me all the time. I don’t want to put her in a nursing home, but it’s depressing me to argue with her continuously. Is there something I can do to find the strength to keep caring for her?

Caring for my father isn’t too hard, but my siblings keep arguing with me. I don’t know what to do. How can I get them to back off and let me just take care of Dad? My relationships with my siblings seems to be making it twice as hard to take care of Dad. They could be helping, but they are just making everything worse.

Sessions for this group are ongoing and held

Monday nights 7:30 – 9:00 pm ET |

4:30 – 6:00 pm PT

twice a month
(except holidays)

Nov 4
Nov 18
Dec 2
Dec 16

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Investment and FAQs

How do I join a group?

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If there is room in the group you are requesting, you will be invited to join the group for one free group session.

It’s our gift to you!

This is a limited time offer. Once the group nears full enrollment, we will no longer be offering an initial free group session.

What is the difference between a Spiritual Mentoring Group and a Support Group?

The Spiritualizing the Caregiving experience” is designed to offer spiritual mentoring group coaching guidance to family care givers. And a spiritual mentoring group differs substantially from a typical support group.

This is a group where participants can ask questions about being a care giver from a spiritual mentor in order to have a more successful care giving experience.

This is NOT a leaderless support group of the type that is readily available.  

In this group, there is an assumption that all participants have some interest in seeing how their work as a caregiver can enhance one’s spirtual life.

You’re welcome whether you are new to the spiritual journey, and you’re also welcome if you have been involved in spiritual endeavors for years or even decades.

However, if you’re sure that you are NOT inteesrted in spiritual pursuits, then this group is probably not appropriate for you.

Can I get a private mentoring session with you?

Prior to enrolling,  it is sometimes helpful to have one or more private one hour sessions with Sharon for the purpose of deciding to join the group.

This is especially helpful to couples in order to get both partners on board for the adventure.

If you and/or your partner would like to take advantage of this opportunity then email Sharon at sharon@lightbodyengineering.com for more information. Space is limited.

Enrolling in private sessions during the initial enrollment period does not guarantee that you will become an on-going private client.

How much does it cost to enroll?

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Prices are subject to change at any time. We do not offer refunds.

Are there any special discounts?

Special discounts: 

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  • Please contact us if you have financial need and would like to apply for a scholarship.

Who is this group not for?

This is also NOT a group for professional caregivers. It is meant for the primary care giver to attend alone. The person you are caring for will NOT be joining this group.

We also have another two other group for couple’s facing a health issue when the two of them want to work as a team — Awakening Together As a Couple: When You or Your Spouse Has a Health Issue as well as Awakening Together As Parents: When Your Child Has A Health Issue.

Also this is not a group for care giving family members with mental health issues.

In order to serve this population we would need to set up another group and it’s not currently in our plans.

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